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Moving home. (level 1) So why did Emily pack her bags and move to a different part of town?
Download (1.63MB, 3min 33sec)
Transcript (pdf 31KB)
Worksheet & Answers (pdf 61KB)
Vocabulary tasks (pdf 65KB)

Jersey. (level 2) Take a trip to a small island with lots to discover
Download (3.18MB, 6min 47sec)
Transcript (pdf 37kb)
Worksheet & Answers (pdf 146kb)
Vocabulary tasks (pdf 48kb)

The lucky dog and the plucky duck. (level 3) How two of our animal friends escaped certain death and why dog owners lead a healthy life
Download (2.23MB, 4min 46sec)
Transcript (pdf 29kb)
Worksheet & Answers (pdf 69kb)
Vocabulary tasks (pdf 43kb)
Webquest (pdf 41kb)